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California Adult Ed Courses: High School Diploma Math Prep

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Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, headphones

Activity Description

This is a free online high school math review course hosted on OTAN’s server. This class was originally developed to help students prepare for CAHSEE math test. Throughout the program, a skill or concept is presented and followed by practice exercises and activities. Students read new information, use the information to answer questions or complete activities, and then integrate the new information with what they have already learned. In this way, knowledge is gained and absorbed bit-by-bit, forming links in a learning chain.

Topics include the following:

  1. Measurement and Geometry
  2. Algebra and Function
  3. Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
  4. Number Sense
  5. Algebra

It can be used to supplement classroom instruction or as a distance learning course. You will need to contact Anthony Burik ( at OTAN to set up your own course. OTAN also provides free Moodle training so you can learn how to add quizzes, videos, assignments, and other resources in order to adapt the course to meet the needs of your students.


  1. Some online class management skills would be beneficial if you want to follow your students' steps.
  2. Self-enroll in the sample course and determine if the lessons are appropriate for your students. You can enter the course as as guest.<l/i>
  3. Determine which sections you want to include in your course.
  4. Contact Blair Roy at OTAN about setting up your course.
  5. Attend workshops and Webinars on MOODLE to learn how to set up and manage your course.
  6. Your students must have an e-mail and will need to register for a free California Adult Education Courses  account..


In order to start this class as a teacher, you need to contact OTAN. If you are comfortable with Moodle, you can manage your students' progress, score, and time at work. You can enter the class as a guest to check lessons meet your students' needs.

Teacher Tips

Teach your students how to navigate the course in a face-to-face setting before you send them home to work.

You can use the same password with different usernames for the whole class.

More Ways

This class can be used in a blended (face-to-face and online), distance learning, or independent studies setting.

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  • Algebra
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