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CIESE Human Genetics Project: How Do You Know Which Trait is Dominate?

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer, Internet access

Activity Description

In this activity, students select a recessive trait they have and hypothesize the phenotype of their parents and grandparents. Students then determine the phenotype of their parents for homework to determine if their hypothesis is correct and whether or not it fit their current knowledge of genetics and trait dominance. Students then present their findings to the class.

Participants in the Human Genetics Project survey phenotypic traits of classmates and schoolmates, compile data with students from around the world, and analyze data to determine if the prevalent phenotype is the dominant allele. Teachers do not have to participate in the online project to use lessons and resources from the site. The Human Genetics Project is currently closed.


  1. Review the Lesson and Procedures.
  2. Download a copy of the questions worksheet and make student copies.
  3. Students should be familiar with recessive and dominant traits and phenotypes.


Follow the link in the Preparation section (above) labeled Lesson and Procedures. There you will find detailed information on how to present this activity in your class.

Teacher Tips

  • This is a quantitative, inquiry-based science and mathematics Web-based curricula. CIESE capitalizes on the interactive nature of the Internet.
  • Take the time to read, register, and develop a project with your students. This is not a fast project. It is a research you will do with your students. It is a project, not a class.

More Ways

Open the first example link to see all the projects available. Assign students in pairs or groups to conduct research, collect data, prepare written or oral reports, share and publish reports, work collaboratively

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