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Crash Course in World History: Silk Road and Ancient Trade

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, headphones or speakers, projector (optional)

Activity Description

In this activity students learn about the Silk Road and Ancient Trade. This video is part of a series of very fast paced, engaging videos (found on YouTube) on various aspects of World History. Currently there are 42 videos on World History but over 250 including other topics such as US History, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, and Ecology. They might be just the ticket to engage your high school diploma students to learn their world history.


  1. Preview the video and check to make sure YouTube is not blocked at your site. There may be an ad at the beginning of the video. If so, you may want to play through the ad before class and pause the video where you want it to start during class.
  2. Prepare some concept questions for students to look for during the video.
  3. Prepare some comprehension questions associated with the video for distribution after the video.


  1. Introduce the video so students know what they will be watching. If there are particular things in the video you want them to pay special attention to, note those and include them in the pre-watch questions.
  2. Distribute the concept questions so students know what to look for while watching the video.
  3. After the video if you are working with a group of students, you could ask the comprehension questions of the whole group. Otherwise, distribute the questions for students to reflect on and answer.

Teacher Tips

Look through the textbook you are using to cover world history and see how many of the videos would be useful as supplementary material to make history come alive. Then assign the videos as they are presented in the textbook.

More Ways

  • This site has many similar videos on other topics of interest to your students. Use the Web Site URL (immediately above) to access the YouTube Channel for Crash Course and browse through other World History, U.S. History, Literature, Chemistry, and Biology videos.

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Social Studies

  • World History
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