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Exploratorium Museum: Continental Divide: The Breakup of Pangaea

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

computer, Internet connection, and projector

Activity Description

In this activity, students explore the Continental Divide: The Breakup of Pangaea through an interactive addressing the Continental Puzzle, Fossils, More Fossils, Tilite, and the Andean Mountains. Students work in groups and then report their findings to the class. This activity is best used to enhance classroom instruction and allows students to see how the continents were formed and what led scientists to realize this.

This site is part of the Exploratorium Museum. There are hands-on activities, articles, videos and, all about the earth. Here are some of the materials available: seismic slinky, people of the Arctic, Tundra and Permafrost, Continental Divide, and Greenhouse Gases.


  1. Make sure that the site is not blocked at your school and computers are equipped with Flash Plug-in in order to view animation.
  2. Review the site and determine which topics students will explore.
  3. Place a link on classroom computers.


  1. Introduce the lesson
  2. Divide students into groups and assign topics.
  3. Give students time to preview their topics.
  4. Discuss your expectations.
  5. Give students time to work on their projects.
  6. Walk around the room giving assistance as needed.
  7. Have groups present their topic to the class.

Teacher Tips

As you drag the red arrow through the timeline, you can see the continents moving apart.

More Ways

Use the animation to show the division of the continents as part of your classroom instruction.

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  • Earth Science
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