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Inner Body: Heart and Cardiovascular System

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, and PowerPoint software (optional)

Activity Description

In this activity, students explore the heart and cardiovascular system. InnerBody provides students an interactive exploration of the anatomy of the human body. Nine body systems are illustrated. Some images are animated, and the site is searchable.


  1. Check to be sure the site is not blocked.
  2. Preview the site so you know how it works.
  3. Prepare a pre-test assessment to see what area of the anatomy you should focus your study.
  4. Decide if this is going to be studied as a class or by an individual student.
  5. Create a cloze exercise for individual study and print copies.


  1. On the left, select one of the anatomy terms from the list.
  2. Read the written information about the part and at the same time, the location in the human body interactive picture. Students can learn about the purpose, function, and interaction between the various parts of the human anatomy in a more interactive way.
  3. You could assign teams or pairs of students to study a particular "system" of the body and report back to the rest of the class on what they studied. They could even present a PowerPoint of their chosen area of study.

Teacher Tips

There are several well disguised ads on this site, so you should teach your students how to identify an "ad" versus part of the site and to avoid selecting them, as they can lead to problems with malware.

More Ways

  • Using the "More" drop-down menu, your students can also find out about Fitness, Nutrition, and Careers in Health.
  • Take the Tour to learn how to use the site more effectively.
  • Use a computer and projector to learn about the human body as part of a class exercise. Then you could do a PowerPoint Jeopardy game such as this one.


Select subjects and subcategories


  • Biology
  • General Science
  • Health and Life Science
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