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IXL: Math Practice - Quadratic Formulas

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector

Activity Description

In this activity, students solve twenty quadratic equations online using the quadratic formula. Incorrect answers are provided with Review, Remember, and Solve which take the student step-by-step to find the correct solution.

This site includes math exercises that can be done, corrected, and reviewed online. It is divided by grades, and you can choose the state standards. The free version only allows the student to answer 20 questions each day.


  1. Be sure your classroom/computer lab can access the Web site.
  2. Review the problems online and familiarize yourself with the format.
  3. Decide if you want to track students' Smart Score or time.
  4. First teach the math concepts related to the exercises you are going to use. This site will explain the answers of the exercises, but it does not teach the math concept needed to do the exercises.


  1. Introduce the lesson and the importance of knowing and using the quadratic formula.
  2. Work several examples and point out some of the common pitfalls they might encounter.
  3. Give students several problems one at a time and check for understanding.
  4. Project the IXL Web site and have students work a few problems to become familiar with the site.
  5. Students can practice their skills in a computer lab, at home, or in class. You may want students to report their Smart Score so you can monitor their progress.

Teacher Tips

  • The material is already divided in order of difficulty by grade level. When teaching a lesson, for instance, Ratios and Proportions under A1 (Algebra 1), just follow all the links in the order it shows under the section title "Ratios and Proportions." It keeps track of problems attempted and time elapsed.

More Ways

  • Divide students into teams and have them compete against others. You can use their Smart Score to determine the winners.
  • Spend some time at this site to see all it has to offer. This is just one topic of thousands available to you and your students.

Select subjects and subcategories


  • Algebra
  • Consumer Math
  • Geometry
  • Math Electives
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