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Khan Academy: Linear Equations

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer, Internet access, optional projector & speakers (for class presentation)

Activity Description

In this activity, students learn about linear equations through a series of videos. The video tutorials can be used to enhance classroom instruction, to help a student needing remediation, or for extended student practice at home.

The Khan Academy is filled with video presentations on a multitude of math subjects and worked examples of math problems.

It is organized according to math Subject: Algebra then Topic: Solving linear equations. Then under this more focused topic there are many other choices. For instance a student can review or be introduced to the Order of Operations and how important this is in solving complex math problems.


  1. Preview the video.
  2. Match it to pages in the student's math book for exercises to be done by the students.


  1. Either select Math next to Jump to Topic, or just scroll down the page until you find the beginning of the Algebra section.
  2. Select one of the Algebra sections for high school math levels.
  3. Use the video as a discussion start or assign as a follow-up to the lesson. Could also be used for independent study by a student with follow-up help provided by the teacher.

More Ways

  • Assign the video to be viewed at home and the homework problems done in class the next day. (Reverse lessons)
  • If you would like to assign some online practice for students, select Practice in the site's header menu. Then select from the many online activities presented here by topic. In the left-hand menu you can Show or Hide All the activities or you can use the graphical map to make activity choices. You can also move the map around by using your mouse to click, hold, and drag the map (anywhere except on the activity dots themselves.)

Select subjects and subcategories


  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Consumer Math
  • Geometry
  • Math Electives
  • Trigonometry
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