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National Geographic Education: Introduction to Population Density

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, speakers, Flash plug-in

Activity Description

In this activity, students calculate the population density for their state and learn about the U.S. Census and how Census data can be used.


  1. Review site tabs labeled Directions, Objectives, Preparation, and Background & Vocabulary
  2. Check to be sure the Web sites is not blocked at your school.
  3. Gather needed materials.
  4. Develop a formative assessment to measure students' understanding.


  1. See the Directions section of the online lesson plan for all the information on how to conduct this lesson.
  2. Another Web site you will need for students to visit is U.S. Census Bureau: Population Estimates .

Teacher Tips

Be sure to check out additional resources under the Background and Vocabulary tab.

More Ways

  • For Further Exploration:
    National Geographic Magazine: Population 7 Billion
  • The National Geographic Web site has lessons and activities for all grade levels on the main subjects of geography, science, and social studies. But often included in the learning objectives are other subjects such as mathematics, the arts, language arts, so they cover many disciplines. Explore it to find more lessons and activities to use with your students.

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  • Earth Science

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Electives
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