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Ohio Literacy: Spelling - A Key to Good Communication

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required

Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, printer

Activity Description

The author of this site was frustrated with available materials used to teach spelling, so she and her co-workers developed lessons and exercises that addressed some of the basic rules of spelling. These are totally printable, so you can use them in non-computerized settings. The lesson suggested here is the one on "s" word endings. In Section 1 you will see a link to the lesson.


  1. At the Example Web Site (above), in Section 1 you will see a link to the lesson, in Section 2 you will find the practice exercise. Section 3 has the Answer Key for all exercises and Section 4 contains word lists that coordinate with the lessons.
  2. The lessons are simple and well organized so feel free to choose a different lesson if it fits better with your teaching objectives or student needs.


After finishing each lesson, guide your students to the exercises. They are printable, but you can also show the questions on a projector and write the answers with your students on a white board. Possible lesson topics include:

  1. Homonyms
  2. "s" Ending
  3. "ed" Ending
  4. "ing" Ending
  5. Possessive Nouns (singular and plural)
  6. "able/ible" Ending
  7. "ly" Ending
  8. "ie/ei" Ending
  9. Commonly Misspelled Words
  10. Guide Words

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English Language Arts

  • English 1-4
  • English Electives
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