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OTAN: Health Websites

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Activity Description

This site, hosted by OTAN, is a quick guide to health literacy: fact sheets, strategies, resources Good health is important to everyone. Also included is a list of Health sites. Take a look at some of these sites and create some activities to keep your students interested in health. These are appropriate for ESL, ABE, ASE, GED, Older Adults, and Parent Ed programs.


Preview the sites listed to find what is appropriate for students.


  • MedMyst
    Students may enjoy the MedMyst site. The site has three problem-based adventure games that engage the user in the role of scientist, historian, and detective. There are three missions, each with its own learning objectives. They help users understand how infectious diseases are spread.
  • American Lung Association
    The Great American Smokeout is always the third Thursday of November, one week before Thanksgiving. The American Lung Association has health facts about smoking and a free online smoking cessation program. The site is also available in Spanish.
  • WebMD
    A good site for getting general medical information and learn about health and wellness is WebMD. The site has Health Tools which include quizzes, calculators, self-assessments, and guides to assist in managing the user's health.
  • MedlinePlus National Library of Medicine
    MedlinePlus offers numerous health videos on anatomy, body systems and surgical procedures in addition to interactive tutorials and games.
  • US Food and Drug Administration
    The Food & Drug Administration provides easy-to-read health brochures in both English and Spanish. These brochures are available on this Web site in both PDF and HTML formats. Some topics include: Eating for a Healthy Heart, Feeding Baby with Breast Milk or Formula, How to Give Medicine to Children, Losing Weight Safely, and many more.
  • National Cancer Institute
    The NCI Web site is designed to help users view or order free National Cancer Institute (NCI) publications.
  • Online Health Resources for Low Level Readers
    This is an OTAN Web-based activity with numerous links to health resources covering topics such as weight loss, drugs, nutrition and food labels, arthritis, skin disease and other health related topics.

Teacher Tips

The websites can be used for webquests, group research projects, sharing, publishing, collaborating.

More Ways

Assign groups of students to review each of the websites listed, and prepare a report to the other students in class.


Select subjects and subcategories


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Health and Life Science
  • Science Electives
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