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PBS Learning Media: Point of View - Sharing a Perspective on Music

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, speakers

Activity Description

In this activity, students discuss music they do and do not enjoy. They then watch a short video segment of a band playing "St. Louis Blues" and are asked to write a critique of the music they heard based on their opinion and a critique from a music critic. Students then reflect upon how their point of view influenced their opinion.


  1. Review the detailed lesson plan
  2. Make sure the video "New Orleans Jazz" can be played in your classroom
  3. Download the handouts and make copies.


  1. Be sure to check online for detailed Lesson Plan.
    • Part 1: Learning Activity
    • Part 2: Assessment

Teacher Tips

  • Check the tips under Part 1 Learning Activity labeled "For students who need additional teacher guidance:"
  • The QuickTime player and Adobe Flash Player are needed to play the video.

More Ways

  • This site has many more resources using media to engage students. Explore them using the link above labeled "Web Site."

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English Language Arts

  • American Literature
  • English 1-4
  • Journalism
  • Literature

Fine Arts

  • Art History
  • Fine Arts Electives
  • Music Appreciation
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