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Periodic Videos: Periodic Table

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, speakers

Activity Description

In this activity, students watch a short video about an element and report its properties to the rest of the class. There are videos for all 118 elements. All of these videos were created by video journalist, Brady Haran, and feature chemists from the University of Nottingham. In these videos, the elements come to life and become a meaningful learning experience.


  1. Make sure that the site is not blocked at your school and that the game can be viewed.
  2. Preview the videos and select the elements you want students to view.
  3. Prepare a template for students to fill in data about their element.


  1. Teach a unit on the Periodic Table stressing the different groups of elements and their properties.
  2. Show one of the videos and complete the worksheet as a class.
  3. Divide students into groups. Assign students to elements or let them randomly select by a draw.
  4. Have students watch their video and gather data. This works best in a computer lab.
  5. Have students report their findings to the rest of the class.

Teacher Tips

There are films about other areas of chemistry, latest news and occasional adventures away from the lab. There is also a new series - The Molecular Videos - featuring molecules and compounds.

More Ways

Check the videos on molecules . They could be used in your next lesson as you move from elements to molecules.

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  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
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