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Poetry App (Mobile App)

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required

Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

iPad(s) or Android devices

Activity Description

In this activity, students use the Poetry App to explore 100’s of poems by numerous authors and then write their own poetry and record their voice on an iPad. </>

The Poetry App is an excellent reference resource for any classroom. Students can choose the audio option and listen along with the reader. This helps to bring each poem to life. Students can also add selected poems to their favorites. This app is best suited as a self-paced learning tool for students to explore independently in the classroom.


  1. Download the app to your iPad.
  2. Preview the different authors and their poems and familiarize yourself with the navigation tools
  3. Decide on the type of poem you want your students to write and identify selections that exemplify that style.


  1. Introduce the lesson and discuss different styles of poetry.
  2. Introduce the app and demonstrate the different navigation tools.
  3. Give students their assignment and what they are expected to do.
  4. Divide into groups, if necessary, or have students work independently.
  5. Have students write their poems and record them in the app.
  6. Once students have created their poems, bring the class back together to share their work.
  7. This activity may need to be spread over a week or two to give students time to access the iPad.

Teacher Tips

Navigation can be a little tricky at first. Be sure to explore and familiarize yourself with the app before presenting to students.

Select subjects and subcategories

English Language Arts

  • American Literature
  • English 1-4
  • English Electives
  • Literature
  • World Literature

Mobile Device


  • iPhone
  • iPad


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