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Quizlet Live: SAT Vocabulary

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Activity Description

In this activity, students study a set of flashcards on SAT vocabulary and then compete in a lively game of Quizlet Live online. Teams compete against each other and must work together in order to win. There are currently over 181 million study sets already created on numerous other topics.


  1. Sign up for a free Quizlet account by going to the sample study set and selecting Create a New Account.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the site.
  3. Select the study set you want to use or you can create your own.
  4. Prepare a lesson to introduce the material.
  5. Survey the class to determine the number of devices available.
  6. Check your classroom network to be sure the site is not blocked.
  7. Review the selected study set.


  1. Introduce your lesson and explain why the material is important for the students to know.
  2. Present your lesson.
  3. Demonstrate the Website and the different ways students can study the material.
  4. Give students an appropriate amount of time to study the material.
  5. Set up a Quizlet Live Game by selecting Quizlet Live. Note: You must have at least six students to have a valid game.
  6. Once the game starts, give your students the displayed game code.
  7. When all your students are signed in, the fun begins. Quizlet will automatically generate random teams. Students receive their team name on their phone and must find other team members.
  8. Once the teams are assembled the game can begin. Each team member receives possible answers; however, only one member has the correct answer. The team must figure out who has the correct answer and select it. The team that answer all questions correct wins and the name of the winning team is displayed on every phone.

Teacher Tips

Play the game more than once. You can keep the same teams. Make sure the Quizlet card set is related to the instructional goal or outcome of the day.

More Ways

View an OTAN screencast called Teaching with Technology: Quizlet Live  on how this looks in the classroom.

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