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RICE Web Adventures: MedMyst Games - STEM Careers

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector

Activity Description

This site from Rice University offers seven different games to help students learn about microbiology and how scientific work is conducted in the real world. Assign these games to students who are learning about scientific method, scientific research, microbiology, and careers in science.


  1. Choose and preview the game you want your students to play. In this example, we will play STEM Careers: Animal Alert! This game teaches about analyzing an outbreak of encephalitis and teaches about the roles of three different professionals during an outbreak - microbiologist, veterinarian, and epidemiologist.
  2. Visit the Main Web page  and select the graphic for MedMyst in the center of the page. Enter the For Educators section , then select the Animal Alert  game. Preview the group activities for students by selecting Teacher Materials in the left navigation bar, choose the one(s) you want to do, and print the necessary handouts and answer keys.
  3. Once you introduce your students to the concepts, direct them to the Example Web Site (above) and let them play the game on their own or in pairs. Emphasize that they should explore every option in order to get the most from the game.


  1. Introduce the professions of microbiologist,veterinarian and epidemiologist. Students will learn what they do, and will conduct an activity with them.
  2. You might want to preview the vocabulary before students play the game. There is a vocabulary worksheet provided on the teacher site under Teacher Materials, with an answer key.
  3. Assign students to play the game on the computer, alone or with a partner. The Teacher Materials offer a Mission Log for each mission - microbiologist, veterinarian, and epidemiologist. The Mission Log with help students take notes and remember what they learn.
  4. When students have finished the game (the site suggests this will take about 45 minutes), review key concepts such as independent and dependent variable.
  5. The Teacher Materials offer handouts for small group projects related to the topic. For instance, for Animal Alert, there is an activity involving petri dishes, swabs, and disinfectant. A follow up activity has students creating their own experiment following the six step scientific method.

Teacher Tips

  • Be sure to preview and choose your handouts before you send your students to the game. You might have a project ready for early finishers, as students are likely to take different amounts of time on the game.
  • This activity is best taught in a computer lab with Internet access, where students can work individually or in pairs.

More Ways

  • Teacher Materials for each game include an issue of MedMyst magazine with additional articles for practice reading scientific information.

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  • Biology
  • General Science
  • Health and Life Science
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