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Rutgers Oral History Archives: How the Allies Won World War II: Island-hopping in the Central Pacific

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Computer(s), Internet access, projector, maps,

Activity Description

In this lesson, students read and analyze oral histories of World War II veterans, engage in discourse with groups, and write essays that incorporate the use of primary source documents and reflect understanding of the topic/essential questions.


  1. Review the site and the available resources.
  2. Review the online lesson plan.
  3. Gather materials and resources as listed


Review online lesson plan

  1. Introduce the lesson using map analysis and lecture.
  2. Have students will work cooperatively in small groups and read oral history excerpts of veterans of the Pacific War.
  3. Have students discuss guiding questions with their groups.
  4. Have students respond to the following writing prompt: "How did the U.S. military's island-hopping strategy contribute to Japanese defeat in World War II?

Teacher Tips

Starting on page 4 of the lesson plan, follow the teacher's strategies "how to": introduce and explain, model, provide opportunities for guided practice, monitor understanding, and many more.

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Check out other lesson plans listed in the right-hand column at

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