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Sheppard Software: Vocabulary Games for HSE/SAT

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Computer, Internet access, projector, MS Excel software

Activity Description

In this activity, students study vocabulary flash cards to prepare for the HSE and SAT. There are practice quizzes for sets of 50 vocabulary words and teachers can quickly and easily create Bingo cards as a fun way to help students learn the vocabulary.


  1. Decide how many words you want to work on each week.
  2. Go to Vocabulary Games  and cut and paste the week’s vocabulary words and definitions into a study guide by selecting Flash Cards.
  3. If you will be playing Bingo with the selected words, be sure to cut and paste the words and their definitions into the Bingo template and print out a copy for each student. The Bingo template and tutorial can be downloaded above. Students will need some kind of markers for their cards. I like to use pennies, but small pieces of paper also work.
  4. Decide how you are going to determine a Bingo winner. I like to designate a letter such as an H. Winner would be the first student with all the B’s and O’s covered and the middle row. This allows more definitions to be called each game.
  5. Create a vocabulary quiz to assess their knowledge.


  1. Introduce each word and ask students if they know what it means. If possible, make connections with other vocabulary words they know.
  2. Identify which part of speech the word can be used as and demonstrate the word used in a sentence.
  3. Once you have gone over all the vocabulary words, pass out the study guide. For homework, have the students write a sentence for each vocabulary word.
  4. Review their homework the following day and check for understanding.
  5. Play Bingo three or four times during the week by reading the definition and having students find the word on their card.
  6. If you have a computer lab, students can practice by either using the flashcards or taking the quiz. Student are asked about ten randomly selected words. At the end of the quiz, students are given a list of words to study.
  7. Give a vocabulary quiz to check for understanding.

Teacher Tips

  • The site contains some advertising. Teach your students how to identify and avoid the advertising and why that is important.
  • Check the learning tips found on the left side block of the Web site.


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English Language Arts

  • American Literature
  • English 1-4
  • English Electives
  • Journalism
  • Literature
  • Speech
  • World Literature
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