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Shodor Interactivate: Linear Inequalities

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

Tech Product Equipment

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, Java-capable browser

Activity Description

This activity allows the user to plot ordered pairs and linear inequality relations on the same coordinate plane. This activity would work well in groups of two to four for about 45 minutes if you use the exploration questions and 20 minutes otherwise.


  1. Make sure that the site is not blocked at your school
  2. Preview the site and see how the interactive activity works. Be sure that your browser has Java enabled as these activities need Java to run.
  3. Prepare a worksheet listing linear inequalities for students to graph. Students will need graph paper to record their solutions.


  1. Teach a lesson on linear inequalities.
  2. Demonstrate how to use the linear inequalities tool following the step-by-step directions found below.>
  3. This activity allows the user to graph linear inequalities in two variables. Users can input inequalities in algebraic form and graph them on a coordinate plane. The user can graph up to four inequalities as well as many ordered pairs.
  4. The Relation and Data areas are for entering inequalities and ordered pairs, respectively.
  5. When entering an inequality first enter a value in the box before x and a value in the box before y.
  6. Next, select the inequality sign (less than, less than or equal to, equal to, greater than or equal to, or greater than).
  7. Lastly, enter a value in the last box. All values must be written as whole numbers or decimal values (not fractions). Once all of the boxes have values in them and the sign has been chosen, select the "Plot/Update" button and the data will appear on the graph.
  8. Have students graph the linear equalities found on their worksheet. This works best in a computer lab, but students can also work in groups.

Teacher Tips

Have students first solve the linear inequalities by graphing and then check their answers by using the interactive tool.

More Ways

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