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Supporting Digital Learning

Posted on 2/26/2020

Digital Learning Day banner. Innovate! Every Classroom, Every Day

Thursday, February 27 is Digital Learning Day, a day to celebrate innovative digital learning projects and initiatives across the country, primarily in K-12 schools and districts. These are projects that teachers, administrators, support staff, and students have contributed to that have effectively integrated technology into teaching and learning at schools nationwide.

If you visit the Digital Learning Day website, you can see a wide variety of digital learning projects that schools have undertaken over the last few years. Start at the Success Stories webpage; some of the stories that focus on secondary students (for example, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, and Vermont) are particularly instructive for adult educators and students.

Many hands contribute to the success of digital learning projects; no one person can do it alone. In his article 4 Ways to Develop a Team of Forward-Looking Tech Enthusiasts, David Andrade advocates a team approach to working on and implementing technology in the goings-on of the school and lists these four steps to strengthening the team and its work:

  • Curation – With so many edtech tools available, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why curation is important. The starting point for identifying and selecting the most effective tools should be the curriculum and project goals; these will guide which tools make the most sense for the work to be done.

  • Training – Plain and simple, teachers need training if they are expected to use the tools. It needs to be ongoing and build on the training already delivered. It can be both face-to-face and online.

  • Exploration – Teachers also need time to explore and play with edtech tools. Exploration can be a regular part of professional development and staff meetings. It’s also a way for teachers to collaborate and work together on solutions.

  • Piloting – Pilot projects can be effective ways to try out edtech tools on a small scale before deciding to commit. Pilot projects will test out how well tools help you reach curriculum and project goals.

Tell us about digital learning projects you’re working on at your adult ed agency! We always want to share the successes you’ve achieved with your students and staff.

Website: Digital Learning Day

Article: 4 Ways to Develop a Team of Forward-Looking Tech Enthusiasts by David Andrade at EdTech Magazine Focus On K-12

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